Domain Registration Africa

Domain Registration Africa

Domain name is a unique identity of your business or organization which shows the first impression created about the business. A domain is your registers identity which placed in millions of websites running in the overall world. Here at Nested host cloud, we register domains for individuals, international organizations and African companies on a secure hosting server. Registering your domain with us, gives you all related applications, services of hosting plans, server access and many other different packages which are suitable for your business.

Any domain register is accredited by a registrar Generic Top-Level Domain Registry (gTLD), is top-level domain name that identifies an internet address with some domain class, which includes .com(commercial), .net(network), .org(organisation),. gov (US government Agencies), .edu/ac (educational Institutions), .int (international organizations). There is another level, referred to as the Country Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) registry, which provides the guideline for domain registration for countries, for instance .ke (Kenya), .de(Germany), .uk(United Kingdom)

Nested host cloud provide the fastest and reliable web host with unlimited domain hosting in Africa. At, you get the best tailor-made domain registration with the unlimited hosting plans and we provide domain web hosting at different price packages which can be easily be upgraded to suite client needs. Client submit a ticket for any upgrade.

Domain Registration Africa at Nested host

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If any individual or company wants to transfer their domain to us, it involves three major steps:

    1. Request your current registrar to unlock the domain
    2. Get authorization code from your current registrar.
    3. Confirm and verify that the contact information for the domain is correct, because old registrar may need to contact you on this email address during the transfer process.
Domain Registration in Kenya

Domain Registration in Kenya

Interested in starting a new business with an online presence in Kenya? Then, don’t worry! Nested Host Clouds provides unique domain registration at a reasonable cost in Kenya. There are many domains in Kenya using the .ke domain extension, which gives your business a unique business and brand identity with a Kenyan feel. Hurry and register your .ke Domain name extension and secure your brand name as soon possible. Online users who search for .ke domains will get a search result preference for your domain. With the .ke domain identity, it is easy to remember your domain name and generate direct traffic to your business. At nested host cloud all businesses, individuals and foreign companies can make their domain registration in Kenya.

Through nested host, you can register a new domain with many benefits such as domain hosting, server access, different hosting plans and much more which need to run a website. You can search or contact nested host cloud  with your desired domain name in order to secure your domain and benefit from all aspects of web hosting services in Kenya. You can host your domain at any hosting plan like bronze hosting package or even at our Gold secure hosting Package.

Domain Registration in Kenya

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When you have a unique Kenyan domain, your customer show their trust on your brand. You can easily manage your audience because of language, their requirement and all other credentials which you needs. So get a domain for .ke extension and shows your Kenyan brand locality in the country. We also register other domain extension like .com, .org, .net, .gov, .edu and much more at a reasonable cost.

At nested host cloud you can get more related services and offers for the domain registration and then secure hosting plan. You can enjoy different packages at decent cost for monthly basis and annual basis with unlimited bandwidth and much more. Company also offers Cheap Web hosting Kenya and many other services in Unlimited domain hosting in Africa. Other services include Domain hosting Kenya, business email Kenya, SEO services, Unlimited cloud hosting Kenya, SSL certification Kenya, web designing Kenya and many others.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

Domain Name Server (DNS)

When anyone enters a domain name on the address bar, the browser quickly trace the Domain Name Server (DNS) where this domain hosted. Each computer on the Internet is assigned a unique address, called an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which looks like this: It is very difficult to keep in mind the IP addresses of all the websites we visit daily. Words are easier to remember than strings of numbers. This is where domain names come into the picture. When you visit a website, all you need to know is its User Resource Locater (URL). Computers remember numbers, and DNS helps us convert the URL into an IP address that the computer can understand.

Domain Name Server (DNS) Web hosting Kenya, Unlimited hosting with unlimited webspace, Reliable Webhost Kenya

When you type in into your browser or address bar, the browser first needs to get the IP address of the domain. The browser contacts a Domain Name Server (DNS) to query the location of the server where the web-pages are stored. It is like a directory service of IP addresses. While this may look technical, at nested host cloud, we make it easier for anyone without IT expertise upload and update their website easily and seamlessly. We make it easier for your user experience simple and enjoyable using our website tutorials for your site development. The unique DNS settings are integrated into your website, where you’ll need to create the required contents for your business.

Our professional hands-on technical expertise are unmatched in the market to give you an experience of better and improved marketing ratings. Contact nested host cloud and let us move together in making your online presence give you an experience worth travelling.

Domain Name Registration and Privacy

Domain Name Registration and Privacy

When you are looking for a Domain Name Registration and Privacy, you will notice that your registrar will ask you for quite a bit of information: your name, your email address, your physical address, and your phone number. The information is used to complete two of the three registration profiles for your domain name: Registrant and Administrative Contact. Then, all three registration profiles (Registrant, Admin and Technical contacts) will be publicly available and accessible on their registry’s database.
Domain Name Registration and Privacy and Cheap Web hosting Kenya, Domain register Kenya, business email Kenya is available at

So what if you want your information to remain private? After all, the database is publicly available, meaning spammers, scammers and stalkers can access it, too. And lying on your Domain Name Registration and Privacy information is illegal. Many registrars offer private domain registrations, with or without extra cost. With private registration, your name will still appear as the registration. However, instead of your full contact profile, your registrar will list their information – a proxy registration.

Registering a Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name

Here in the Kenya, Africa if any clients who are looking for their own Registering a Domain Name then, is a trusted platform for this services. Because Nested host cloud provides multiple offers and packages for clients to register and host their domains through our platform. Hence You just make mind mapping to register your targeted niche and then order now your domain name similar to your niche.

First of all Which TLD should I choose?

Top-Level Domain (TLD), is the first part of the domain name, for example in, the TLD is .com. The most common TLDs are .com, .net, .org. More details about these TLD will be available in subsequent updates.

Here is a complete list of the domain details used for domain registration:

gTLD – generic top level domain

.com – for commercial organizations

.org – typically for organizations

.net – for not-for-profit organizations

.edu – restricted for educational establishments

.mil – restricted for US military

.gov – restricted for US government agencies

.int – restricted for international organizations established

Domain Name Registration and Privacy and Cheap Web hosting Kenya, Domain register Kenya, business email Kenya at

uTLD – un-sponsored top level domains
  • .info – for informational sites
  • .name – for families and individuals
  • .biz – for businesses
  • .mobi – reserved for websites catering to mobile devices
  • .travel – reserved for travel agents, airlines, tourism bureaus and hoteliers
ccTLD – country code top level domains
  • .ca – for Canada
  • .uk – for the UK
  • .fr – for France
  • Almost every country has a country domain

Registering a Domain Name

When choosing your domain name extension, decide who is your target and how you want your domain to look like. While ccTLDs are an excellent choice if you need to market your business to a certain geographic region, it is important to know that your domain name is your unique identity which should have the best affordable domain name, with privacy tools for hosting your website for effective results. Nested cloud host will provide the best platform for Web hosting and domain name registration in Kenya, for individuals and businesses. Visit us at, and contact us using email, phone, WhatsApp for further information about making your business have an online presence.

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