Domain Name Server (DNS)

When anyone enters a domain name on the address bar, the browser quickly trace the Domain Name Server (DNS) where this domain hosted. Each computer on the Internet is assigned a unique address, called an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which looks like this: It is very difficult to keep in mind the IP addresses of all the websites we visit daily. Words are easier to remember than strings of numbers. This is where domain names come into the picture. When you visit a website, all you need to know is its User Resource Locater (URL). Computers remember numbers, and DNS helps us convert the URL into an IP address that the computer can understand.

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When you type in into your browser or address bar, the browser first needs to get the IP address of the domain. The browser contacts a Domain Name Server (DNS) to query the location of the server where the web-pages are stored. It is like a directory service of IP addresses. While this may look technical, at nested host cloud, we make it easier for anyone without IT expertise upload and update their website easily and seamlessly. We make it easier for your user experience simple and enjoyable using our website tutorials for your site development. The unique DNS settings are integrated into your website, where you’ll need to create the required contents for your business.

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